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Introductory, Level One to Level Four

Academic Institute

Whiz Kids School of Speech and Drama
Sri Lanka


Moratuwa and Piliyandala, South Colombo


Mrs. Lilmini Meehallage
Available via 077 3999 700

Examination Centre

St. Peter's College
Colombo 04

Results Release Date

3rd week of February 2019
Student Marks Grade
Mihela De Silva 96 Introductory
Ohansa Wijesooriya 88 Introductory
Nithika Dulvan Mendis 98 Introductory
Kenula Widanapathirana 100 Introductory
Sesali D. Hettiarachchi 100 Introductory
Samadhi Wickramaratne 98 Introductory
Sandhasi Ruhansa Peiris 100 Introductory
Suhasna Ganegoda 100 Introductory
Methuka Madew 100 Introductory
Disuli Kithnara 100 Introductory
Dahamli R. Ramanayaka 100 Introductory
Yenuli N. Weerasinghe 100 Introductory
Githma Weerasinghe 100 Introductory
Pevin Meehalla 100 Introductory
Sanija Sanmeth 100 Introductory
Dulain N. Wickramaratne 100 Introductory
Sayuri H. Fernando 100 Introductory
Daham N. K'arachchi 100 Introductory
Nesandi D.S. Dasanayake 100 Level One
Sayumi Amanda Perera 100 Level One
Senaya S. Wijesinghe 83 Level One
Jithuli Uhansa Silva 100 Level One
Isala C. Wickramasingha 100 Level One
Imeth P.K. Lokuge 100 Level One
Senuth Himthaka 100 Level One
Yenuka De Mel 100 Level One
Radasi Senaya 98 Level One
Sanuji Liyansa 100 Level One
Nadev Dinsara Perera 100 Level One
Dinaaya S. Udawatta 100 Level One
Thinuli A. Perera 100 Level One
Esandi S. Ranawansha 100 Level One
Nithika Riyon 100 Level One
Onara Wijeweera 100 Level One
Oneth I. Rajapaksha 83 Level One
Rafael Perera 100 Level One
Misandi S. Perera 100 Level One
Pumindu R. Peiris 100 Level One
Chanudi S. Abeynayaka 100 Level One
Saneli H. Perera 100 Level One
Minrada Panagoda 100 Level One
Maleen P. Mendis 100 Level One
Rithara Y. Perera 96 Level One
Dulen S. Fernando 100 Level One
Shayushi D. Ranasinghe 100 Level One
Jehan A. Chavindya 100 Level Two
Leluni Ravindi Cooray 96 Level Two
Mewli Archana 100 Level Two
Nathan T. Fernando 92 Level Two
N. Ranasinghe 98 Level Two
Kimaya Chandrasekera 78 Level Two
Thevjaya N. Pathirana 100 Level Two
Onithi D.D. Perera 89 Level Two
Senuk Jayasooriya 100 Level Two
Vihanga Anuj Perera 97 Level Two
Suhasvin Ganegoda 49 Level Two
Rehanya Areli Fernando 100 Level Two
Methuka S. Peiris 100 Level Two
Yenul N. Perera 94 Level Two
Shannon Nevan Peiris 100 Level Two
Ramithu Wijesooriya 99 Level Two
Raini Y. Wickramaratne 88 Level Two
Nisal C. Weerasekara 100 Level Two
Chenuli Perera 100 Level Two
Jevon Galahakumbura 88 Level Three
Dilain Meehallage 96 Level Four
Anuthi N. De Silva 85 Level Four
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